Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the life force of Pawsitism. They touch every aspect of our operations and provide the
highest quality care for pets. This work enables us to magnify our impact and provide more service
dogs to families in need.
By joining Pawsitism’s team of dedicated volunteers, you’ll build strong relationships with other like-
minded volunteers, the animal-loving community, and of course the service dogs themselves. Working
together, we can help many families connect to the world, one service dog at a time. Pawsitism and
our volunteers have a chance to make a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Become a Puppy Raiser​

Keep an assistance dog in your home for 18 months, while bringing it to classes and working on training yourself. Puppy raisers are vital to our mission.

Become a Puppy Sitter

Want to help raise an assistance dog but don’t have the time or space for one full time? Puppy sitters fill in when the raisers need some help for a few days.

Community Groups

Our community groups play a big part in supporting, socializing, and training our pups. Email us at if your group is interested in helping out.

Help Out at an Event

Pawsitism hosts fun and uplifting fund-raising events monthly. We are always looking for kind caring and motivated individuals to help out at our events.

"We've now had Isa for about 6 months, and we consider her a treasure, and feel privileged to be able to help out."
Mike Saatkamp
Volunteer Puppy Raiser