General Donations

Help supply our mission by providing food, toys, field trips, and for all other needs associated with raising and training assistance dogs.

We appreciate all help you can give, big or small!

Equipment : $25

At Pawsitism Inc, we know that a service dog is more than a vest, but vests, collars and leashes are important attire for a Pawsitism Inc assistance dog. The vests that out assistance dogs wear help the public know that our life-changing dogs are hard at work when in public places. Your gift will help us provide this equipment to our teams.

Field Trip Bundle : $25

During professional training, Pawsitism Inc. assistance dogs take all kinds of fun field trips to make sure they can do their job in a variety of places with all kinds of interesting sites, sounds and smells. Dogs are transported in vans to restaurants, malls, grocery stores, amusement parks and much more throughout their 18 months of professional training. Your gift will help support these outings.

Meals for a Week : $50

Training a Pawsitism assistance dog requires a lot of kibble! In addition to balanced meals twice a day, they also get kibble for being a very good dog when learning commands. With many commands to learn and tasks to accomplish, your gift will provide kibble, bowls and training treats for a dog and professional training for a whole week!

Treats for Training : $50

Training a dog to learn tasks and commands takes a lot of yummy treats! Making sure that we have treats that don’t upset their stomach is even more important!

Training Toys : $100

Pawsitism Inc dogs in professional training love to play when they are not working towards their training goals. Your gift today will provide stimulating and fun toys for the enjoyment of the dogs in professional training.

Grooming Supplies : $100

Keeping our dogs in professional training looking and feeling the best is very important. Pawsitism Inc. works with a local groomer each week. Your gift will help provide grooming materials for Pawsitism Inc. Assistance Dogs.

RUFF Rental : $500

Right now, the Pawsitism Inc. Service Dogs are being trained through RUFF Academy Real Life Dog training. RUFF is currently housing, snuggling and training our dogs throughout the day. Let’s give back! We strive to have our own facility one day where we can house and train assistance dogs so they can serve people with disabilities. Until then, RUFF is helping any way they can, but training and snuggles costs money and takes time!

Month of Training : $500

Pawsitism Inc. Assistance Dogs are trained for 5 days a week, eight hours a day, not to mention outings and field trips along with social appearances at local schools and businesses. Currently, RUFF Academy trainers help our assistance dogs reach their full potential on a daily basis. This is a large cost to the program monthly! Your gift will help these dogs become superheroes in their field and make amazing assistance dogs!

Therapeutic Tools and Toys : $1000

During professional training, Pawsitism, Inc. assistance dogs may learn a variety of games and interactive ways to work with children as an integrated part of their team therapies. Skilled companion and facility dogs improve recipients fine and gross motor skills to playing card games, puzzles, costumes and more. Your gift today provides toys and tools used in physical, rehabilitation, occupational and speech therapy is to motivate children and adults with disabilities and procedures in therapeutic sessions.

Puppy Health Package : $1000

Puppy Health Package. Every Pawsitism Inc. puppy visits expert veterinarians in the Sheboygan area before heading out to Volunteer puppy raisers. Each puppy is snuggled thoroughly and examined at eight weeks old to ensure our future assistance dogs are happy and healthy. Your gift also provides plenty of cookies for puppies when they finish their very important health checks.

Interested in sponsoring the partial or the total training of an autism assistance service dog for their entire 18 months and beyond?

*While every attempt will be made to use your donation for the service(s) you have selected, Pawsitism, Inc. reserves the right to use funds for any costs related to the raising and training of the autism assistance service dogs.