Social Media - Puppy Raisers

For current Puppy Raisers, here are some ways to write out social media posts and emails.

Social Media Post

Use this post with one of the puppy photos/ posts provided from the Social Media Graphics page.

Use this post on Facebook, Instagram, and your other social networks.

Hey, friends! I’m currently volunteering as a puppy raiser at Pawsitism Inc. and am passionate about their mission. They are is a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that provides custom-trained service dogs to children between the ages 6-18 years old with autism. It’s so fun living and learning with an adorable puppy and being part of a great community of awesome puppy raisers! Pawsitism Inc. is always in need of more puppy raisers so they can help change the lives of more children with disabilities. Interested? I’d love to tell you more and introduce you to the puppy I’m raising. You know where to find me! If you’re in the Sheboygan area, we’ve got a puppy waiting for you. If you live elsewhere but know someone here, please help me by sharing this post with them. (Please note adorable puppy photo to entice you!) 😊 Thanks for your help!

Email with information on Puppy Raising

Copy, paste, and send this email to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and others. Feel free to include one or more of the adorable puppy photos provided!

As you may know, I’m a volunteer puppy raiser at Pawsitism Inc., a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that transforms lives by partnering people with professionally trained assistance service dogs. We provide these dogs, at no charge, to children with autism. 

Pawsitism Inc. urgently needs more volunteer puppy raisers, and since I know how much you love dogs and care about helping people, I wanted to share some information about this fun and fulfilling opportunity:

  • Puppy raising is fun because, well, PUPPIES! In addition to enjoying a daily dose of cuteness and clouds of puppy breath, you’ll meet other friendly, helpful puppy raisers, and learn a lot about dog behavior and training—all with the goal of bringing greater independence, happiness, and hope to one of Pawsitism Inc. clients in need. 
  • We welcome all kinds of puppy raisers who live in and around Sheboygan County: singles, couples, roommates, and families with kids; people with and without other pets; homeowners and apartment dwellers; people who work and retirees! You can even co-raise a puppy with an approved and trained friend, family member, or neighbor who wants to help out! Don’t know anyone interested in co-raising? We’ve got you covered! The Pawsitism Puppy Club on the Lakeland University Campus will work with you to find another interested co-raiser.
  • Puppy raisers bring a Pawsitism Inc. puppy into their home for 14-18 months to provide lots of love, basic obedience training, and socialization through exposure to different people, places, and experiences. At approximately 14 months old, the puppy will come to Pawsitism Inc. for evaluation, advanced training, and matching with one of our clients. 
  • Pawsitism Inc. provides specialized training (both online and in person), ongoing support from staff and fellow puppy raisers, and all food, treats, veterinary care, training equipment, and supplies for the puppy.(outside of the things you want to buy separately which you can write off on your taxes!) 
  • We also need puppy socialization volunteers, puppy sitters, and weekend fosters to help our pups grow up into life-changing service dogs!

Want to know more about puppy raising and other volunteer opportunities? You can learn all about it here: If you have questions, I’m happy to help answer them, or you can contact Pawsitism Inc. Volunteer Coordinator Drew Olenick at (920) 645-4657 or

Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested in helping change a life by raising a puppy! Thank you!