Puppy Raiser's
Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

We’ll try our best to answer anything you might think of here, if you don’t see your question(s), feel free to contact us!


All dogs in the program are going retrievers, goldendoodles, or bernedoodles which is a cross between a golden retrievers, bernese mountain dogs and standard poodles. We ask all volunteer puppy raisers to be flexible regarding gender, breed or color to ensure that every puppy finds a home quickly and efficiently.

We have reputable breeders close the area that we work primarily with. Learn more about our Breeders.

You must be at least 18 years old to be a volunteer with Pawsitism. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian living in the same household as a co-applicant on the puppy raiser application.

We strongly prefer that our puppy raiser always have a fenced yard. Volunteer puppy raisers must agree to follow our supervision requirements. Puppies must not be off leash at any time and less in an enclosed area. We don’t allow use of electric fencing.

Puppy raisers my set aside time for daily training and attend obedience classes for the duration of the project. 

Puppies need physical activity in the form of play or walking. Puppy raiser should expect to find at least 25 to 40 minutes of exercise per day. Pawsitism puppies are not allowed to visit public dog parks.

Your primary puppy raiser must be an adult 18 years of age or older. However, minors are allowed to raise with an adult living in the same home. Note puppies can’t attend school with children in the household.

Absolutely! Most important is you gain approval to take the puppy to work. We recommend speaking to your employer prior to contacting us. The puppy will need regular toileting breaks throughout the day.

It’s imperative to the puppies development that supervision and socialization are provided throughout every day. Puppy raisers must either have prior approval to bring the puppy to the workplace or provide an opportunity to bring the puppy to our facility on designated days during the week and weekend. When left unsupervised, Pawsitism puppies should always be in an appropriate size crate.

In most cases, the puppy can accompany the puppy raiser, or can be placed with a puppy sitter that meats our criteria. We offer guidelines for age-appropriate travel outings and activities.

Other pets are limited to a household of three dogs not including the puppy raisers puppy. All pets in the home must be well behaved, current on vaccines and over one year of age. There is no policy regarding age and number of children in the home; however, we strongly encourage families with young children to attend a puppy class and/or evaluate carefully the commitment of puppy raising on an individual basis.

Each puppy raiser goes through an orientation process and is giving a manual. We also provide ongoing staff support each puppy raiser via phone, email, or in person follow up. There is also a great community of support from puppy raisers in the program.

Puppies must be exposed or socialized to activities of daily life. This could include bringing the puppy to the workplace, shopping center or other public places. When in public, the puppies wear a vest identifying the fact that they are being socialized for special purposes. However, we rely upon the goodwill of merchants and business owners rather than the legal system for gaining public access. You must always receive confirmation that you can take them out once they reach a certain age.

We believe in the use of positive reinforcement combined with appropriate corrections. Our puppies are raised by their puppy raisers using multiple training tools that will help for their success.

Pawsitism maintains ownership of each puppy and our staff will find a new home for any puppy in need.

You and the puppy you raise will take a long journey together! It’s only natural that you will become very attached to the dog. The ability to give up a dog comes from knowing that you’re raising this puppy for a purpose, that the puppy will go and help a child with autism lead a more social and independent lifestyle.

Pawsitism  will make an effort to unite the puppy raiser with the assistance dog recipient. If an in person meeting is not possible,  we will pass along your contact information.

There will be no cost to you. Pawsitism will work on providing donations regarding food, supplies, vet care, transportation related expenses while the puppy is in your care.